The country is shocked after the press release of the kidnapping of the President's daughter. Little information has been disclosed by the Government. However, some sources speculate that Alfredo Mafioli, known businessman related to high-tech weapons, would be involved in the kidnapping. Apparently, it would be a reprisal against the President, who cancelled a weaponry contract signed between Mafioli and the Government.

In a society without justice and corrupt security forces, the President foresaw only one option to rescue his daughter and send Mafioli to jail: recurring to a strong man, clever and incorruptible, completely commited to the justice and able to apply it swiftly. This only hope is named Carlos Michelis.


This program is designed for Spectrum 48K, 128K and compatibles. 

The package includes 4 different loads:

- Introduction: Contains the introduction sequence of the game. Press Space to speed up the action. Press ENTER to end the sequence and load the game itself.

The game itself consists of the remaining three loads. Each part can be loaded independently and represents an alternative scenario for the same story:

- Scenario 1: Mafioli's Mansion
- Scenario 2: Naval Base
- Scenario 3: Aerial Base


Main Menu of the Game

Press the corresponding number to select the options.

1 - Start: Begins the mission.

2 - Controls: Allows to select the control method: Keyboard, Kempston, Sinclair (6-0), Cursor or Redefine Keys. Default Keys are:

3 - Sound: Opens the sound configuration menu.
Option 1, allows to select the sound mode between 48K or 128K.
Options 2 and 3, allow to select sound and music volume. They only work for 128K mode.

4 - Expansion: Allows to load levels and expansions. Check World XXI Soft website to download forthcoming expansions.


Accomplishing the mission



The personal, basic objective of Carlos is to maximize the justice outcome, represented by the merit or score associated to the mission accomplishment, indicated in the upper part of the right pannel.

To maximize merit, Carlos can choose to accomplish a set of objectives, each of one awards him a fixed score, as follows:

- Rescue President's daughter: 100.000
- Destroy the Mafioli's super-secret mech: 70.000
- Get evidence against Mafioli: 40.000
- Destroy Mafioli's missiles (each): 2.000
- Destroy Mafioli's armored defenses (each): 1.000
- Kill guards (each): 100

Although Carlos hasn't been previously informed, the President in person will award him a medal if Carlos obtains enough merit:

- Gold Star, if he obtains more than 300.000 points.
- Silver Star, if he obtains between 200.000 and 300.000 points.
- Bronze Medal, if he obtains between 100.000 and 200.000 points.

If Carlos obtains less than 100.000, the mission will be considered as failed and he will receive no medals.



The mission will take place in one of the installations owned by Mafioli and where the President's daughter is held. In the present edition, three different alternative scenarios are included, each of one can be loaded independently: Mafioli's Mansion, Naval Base and Aerial Base. Other scenarios will be available through the Expansion option.

In every scenario, the mission starts and finishes in the same place: the Carlos' car. By pressing Use/Action key (Z by default) and touching the car, Carlos can leave the complex in any moment, terminating the mission. Depending of the obtained merit, the consequences or recognition of the mission will be shown.



The different mission indicators and Carlos status are shown in the right pannel, as follows:

- Merit of the mission, originally “000000”.
- Carlos' energy: the bar will shrink each time Carlos is touched by the enemies or hit by bullets or explosions. He can replenish the energy by picking the medkits he will find during the mission.
- Mission time: It's the time that Carlos has for accomplishing the mission, after which Mafioli will order to spread neurotoxic gas, killing Carlos and other people present in the installation.
- Indicator of Selected Weapon and Ammunition: Carlos will start his mission with his gun and 50 bullets, but can pick ammo looking in the complex, and even he will able to (and will have to) get better weapons.
- Indicator of Inventory: It's a view of the object selected by Carlos to be used, as well as the number of remaining uses for that object.


Using controls

The mission will be viewed from an aerial perspective. Pressing the corresponding direction keys (OPQA by default), Carlos will move in that direction, and pressing the fire key (Space by default), he will fire the selected weapon.

The View/Strafe key (L by default) can be used for two purposes. The first one, by tapping this key, Carlos can fix the direction where his weapon is aiming at, so he can move without losing the aiming on the enemies coming from that direction. The second purpose, is to extend the range of vision of Carlos, by holding the key pressed.

The Use/Action key (Z by default) has two functions: 1) allows Carlos to use the selected object. In the case of weapons, it will allow him to equip the weapon selected in the inventory indicator. 2) is used to activate any mechanism or perform special actions like entering Carlos' car. It also allows Carlos to examine desks, furniture, etc. where he can find objects, useful for the mission.

The Pause Mode key (Enter by default) halts the action and allows to continue, quit mission, toggle the music on/off or select the object of the inventory that can be used by Carlos. Alternatively, the Inventory key (X by default) can be used to quickly select itmes. The objects can be picked up simply moving Carlos to walk over them, or they can be hidden in desks, closets, etc., in which case they can be picked up by pressing the Use/Action key.

Hints and Tricks

- The mission requires that Carlos apply all his intelligence and skills. In this sense, his first attempts must be focused in understanding the location and purpose of the objects he fill find in his way. When picking up objects like keys or explosives, he will have to learn the right location for using them, otherwise, he will find difficult to progress in the mission.

- Carlos can choose between accomplishing one, many or all assigned missions. If he aspire to accomplish all of them, he will need to perfectly know the map of the complex and be very quick in his actions before the time ends.

- If Carlos get to meet the President's daughter, he will notice she is shocked by the situation and must be guided through the complex to the Carlos' car. Fortunately, she knows Carlos and will have no problems in recognize him when he appears.

- Regarding Mafioli's mech, because its super-secret condition, it is only known it's big and has a great destructive power, with a hard armor. Carlos will have to find weapons powerful enough to destroy it. Most likely, he will find bazookas or (more precisely) AT-4 grenade launchers of a single shot (disposable), thus he will need to collect many of them (more than 10) to destroy the mech.

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