Jan 6th 1987

CZ Spectrum

Wise Men's gift. 


Mira Bien (Look Carefully)

Spectrum-BASIC. Observation game. 


Cowboys I

Spectrum-BASIC. Arcade. Kill the outlaw before he draws. 

Currently lost. 



Spectrum-BASIC. Spaceships arcade. 

Unfinished game, currently lost. 


Camel Trophy

Spectrum-BASIC. Arcade. Drive your jeep to win the Camel Trophy Madagascar '87 

Unfinished game, under the seal "Soldiersoft" ¿? 


Kung Fu

Spectrum-BASIC. Fighting arcade. 

Lost, because a recording error. 

Remade in 1990. 



Spectrum-BASIC. Utility to draw screens and UDGs, similar to Paintbox and Melbourne Draw 

Cursor movement in 8 directions and fill. 


Blue Lightning

Spectrum-BASIC. Arcade in which you have to pilot the Blue Lightning helicopter. 

It features 3 different stages. 

The original version was lost, it was remade as Blue Hellfire. 



Spectrum-BASIC. War arcade, of multiple screens. 

Failed try to detect wall collisions and usage of M/C (LDIR) to show stored images. 

Remade as G.I.Tech. 


Streetmania I

Spectrum-BASIC. Driving arcade, side view. 

Remade as Streetmania 2008 


Streetmania II

Spectrum-BASIC. Driving arcade, side view. After picking up Annie Blondex from her home, you must take her to the drive-in cinema located outside the city. But watch out, as the new villain Nacho Torrentes, got new weapons, missiles and a gang of friends willing to destroy you. 


The Castle I

Spectrum-BASIC. Platform arcade. 

"You are Nero (the iron man) and you are in an abandoned castle with many spells and forgotten legends [sic]. You've been trapped under two spears, for 598 years, but because you've been trapped under two spears, the spell preserved you [sic]. But after loading this game, the spell was broken forever. Now you are free, but you must flee from this disgusting and rotten castle. Upon leaving this castle, your computer will know the power of The Castle." [OVER 1 instruction during the end, unable to detect and fix]. 

Remade as Max Pickles I 


The Castle II

Spectrum-BASIC. Platform arcade. 

You managed to flee from the haunted castle but, unfortunately, the surrounding woods are also haunted. You, of course, must flee away from it as soon as possible. 

Remade as Max Pickles I 



Spectrum-BASIC. Space simulation. Unfinished game. 

Under the initials Space Operations Squad for the Universe Defense you must fight against the interstellar evil. 


Aerobics I

Spectrum-BASIC. Planes arcade. 

Take the control of a WWII fighter aircraft and face modern jets and missiles to demostrate your skills. 


Aerobics II

Spectrum-BASIC. Planes arcade. 

Now you got powerful weapons to face the enemy fleet and destroy the dangerous robot responsible for the attacks to your nation. 


Le Mans I

Spectrum-BASIC. Racing arcade. Enhanced version of "3D Drive" by Tim Rogers and included in the book "Dynamic Games for ZX Spectrum" by Tim Hartnell. 


Tiro (Shooting)

Spectrum-BASIC. Simulation. Participate in 4 events, related to sport shooting, to win the precious gold medal. 


Cowboys II

Spectrum-BASIC. Arcade. You must duel the bandits stalking the town, to become Sheriff and give peace to your people. 



Spectrum-BASIC. Side view scrolling arcade, unfinished. 

Sep 1989

Carlos Michelis I

Spectrum-BASIC. Platforms arcade. Help Carlos to travel thru a dangerous cave to find and confront the evil Vindicator. 

Remade as Max Pickles III. Some concepts were included in G.I.Tech. 

Nov 1989

Carlos Michelis II

Spectrum-BASIC. Platforms arcade. Carlos lost his mansion's keys, and worse, he left the defense systems activated, so he will have to fool them to reach the control center to disable them. 

Remade as Max Pickles III. Some concepts were included in G.I.Tech. 

Feb 1990

Mr. Pickles

Spectrum-BASIC. Platforms arcade multi-level. Precursor and inspiration for "Thieves School", help the punk Mr. Pickles to grab the giant diamonds scattered within a haunted mine.

Remade as Max Pickles II. 

Mar 5th 1990


Spectrum-BASIC. Enhanced version of "Circus" by Paul Toland and included in the book "Dynamic Games for ZX Spectrum" by Tim Hartnell.

Mar 25th 1990

Kung Fu I

Spectrum-BASIC. Fighting simulation. 

Remake of the homonymous game of 1987. 

Mar 29th 1990

Daniel Scioli's GP

Spectrum-BASIC. Simple arcade in which you drive an off-shore boat thru three zones with obstacles. 

Remade as Off Shore Racing. 

Jun 1990

Galaxian I

Spectrum-BASIC. Spaceships arcade similar to After Burner. 

Not related to the homonymous Namco arcade. 

Aug 1990

Galaxian II

Spectrum-BASIC. Spaceships arcade similar to After Burner. 

Not related to the homonymous Namco arcade. 

Jan 16th 1991

Killmonsters II

Spectrum-BASIC. Multi-scenery adventure. Based in a comic about Carlos Michelis, you must help the "Killmonsters" to eliminate all the radioactive monsters that invaded the St. Marram city. 

Mar 1991

Carlos Michelis III

Spectrum-3D Game Maker. Filmation adventure. Help Carlos to destroy 3 nuclear missiles, about to be launched on innocent people. Each of them is located in dangerous or strange places: a drugs factory, woods with evil spirits and a haunted mansion. 

Apr 1991

Carlos Michelis III Part B

Spectrum-BASIC. Text adventure, abandoned project. It told the history after Carlos' exit from the drugs factory. 

May 1991

Kung Fu II

Spectrum-BASIC. Adventure. Help a Kung Fu master to rescue his best friend, held captive by the chinese imperial army, before his execution. 

Remade in 2020 as Wudang. 

Jun 1991

Le Mans II

Spectrum-BASIC-M/C. Racing arcade. Regarded by some as the best World XXI Soft game to that date, in which you will try to win the Le Mans GP once again, by driving your powerful F1. 

Jul 1991


Spectrum-BASIC. Boxing simulation. Allows one or two players simultaneously, and a wide variety of options. 

Aug 20th 1991


Spectrum-BASIC-M/C. Racing arcade. Drive your sidecar to win the Imola GP. 

Dec 1991

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

Spectrum-Beta BASIC. Side view scrolling and fighting arcade. Based in the homonymous movie, help Robin Hood to beat the Sheriff of Nottingham and to rescue Marian, his love interest. 

Remade in 2022 as Loxley. 

Dec 1992

Galaxian III

Spectrum-M/C-BASIC. Vertically scrolling shooter. 

Not related to the homonymous Namco arcade. 

Remade in 2019 as Redshift. 



Spectrum-M/C. Front view arcade. Abandoned project, but its graphic routines were the base for subsequent games. 


Snow Bros

Spectrum-M/C. Colourful conversion of the homonymous arcade. Abandoned project. 



Spectrum-M/C. Fighting arcade based in the homonymous movie starred by Van Damme. Abandoned project. 

Jul 1994

Carlos Michelis 4

Spectrum-M/C. Arcade-adventure with aerial view. Help Carlos to rescue the Pelotu commissioner's daughter.

Remade in 2012 as "Carlos Michelis"


Escape from Alcatraz

PC-DOS/GW-BASIC. Abandoned and currently lost. 

Sep 16th 1994


PC-DOS/QBASIC. Arkanoid clone for PC in text mode. Abandoned project. 

Sep 21st 1994


PC-DOS/QBASIC. Arcade similar to Cauldron II. Help Pelotin to rescue his siblings from the evil Pelotacos. 

Oct 1994

Carlos Michelis 5

PC-DOS/QBASIC. Platform arcade. The President has been kidnapped by a gang of terrorists. The only living being capable of rescue him is Carlos Michelis. 

Nov 1994


PC-DOS/QBASIC. Utility for creating VGA graphics for QBasic games. Later remade in 1996 as Maxigraf 2 

Nov 1994

Super Rally 94

PC-DOS/QBASIC. Racing arcade with vertical scroll. Currently lost. Participate in this amazing rally event, drive your car to avoid the obstacles and win the '94 edition prize! 

Feb 1996

SIDIVI (SDV1) Videogames Design System

Spectrum-M/C. Utility for easily creating games, avoiding accidental hangs and resets. Includes a programming language with interpreter, akin to a hybrid between BASIC and M/C. 

Feb 1996


Spectrum-SDV1. Spaceships arcade designed with SDV 1. Take the control of your combat ship and destroy everyhing in your way, if you want to save your most beloved ones. 

Jan 1997

Fury over Wheels

PC-DOS/QBASIC. Racing simulation. Take the control of one of the three most powerful cars at that moment: Bugatti EB 110, Ferrari F40 or Mc Laren F1, to earn money and become the asphalt king. 

Jul 1998

Shorin Ryu Kyudokan

Spectrum-M/C. Karate simulation, abandoned project. However, its graphical routines were used in SDV2 and subsequent games, like Streetmania 2008 and Thieves School. 

Jun 20th 2000

Duck Hunter

PC-Windows 95-DirectX. Arcade. Shoot your shotgun to a horde of ducks as quick as possible. 



Spectrum-M/C. New versions of SDV which replaces the standard ROM, coded in parallel with Thieves School, Carlos Michelis and Streetmania 


Thieves School v0.5

Spectrum-SDV2. Old versions of Thieves School, temporally abandoned due to SDV2 slowness. 


Carlos Michelis 3D

PC-Windows-Direct3D. Arcade. Stuck since 2002. 

Nov 7th 2007

Blue Hellfire

Spectrum-BASIC. Arcade. Pilot the Blue Hellfire helicopter. Includes three different stages. 

Remake of Blue Lightning (1988). 



Spectrum-BASIC. Help Duke to infiltrate the COBRA castle in order to deactivate a powerful proton-X bomb. Your enemy, the COBRA COMMANDER, will be continuously trying to kill you. 

Remake of G.I.Joe. 

Dic 2007

Streetmania 2008

Spectrum-SDV2. Arcade. You must drive your powerful car to meet your girlfriend on time, across dangerous streets with heavy traffic. Your opponent, Turbo Wahl, will try to "tune" your car and your face before you meet her. 

Remake of Streetmania I. 

Dec 14th 2008

Thieves School

Spectrum-SDV2. Arcade. Two students of the famous Thieves School have failed their exam. The professors have decided to give them one more chance, a delictive tour around the world, in which they will face dangerous situations while they steal valuable objects of any kind. Help them to graduate! 

Nov 10th 2012

Carlos Michelis

Spectrum-M/C. Arcade-Adventure. The kidnapping of the President's daughter is a reflex of a wicked and corrupt society. Only a strong man, clever and incorruptible will be able to restore the hope in justice: Carlos Michelis. Help him... and you will be a little bit like him. 

Remake of Carlos Michelis 4. 

Aug 8th 2018

Exam 2018 for Thieves School

Spectrum-SDV2. Expansion map for Thieves School. 

Aug 12th 2018

Mansion 2018 for Carlos Michelis

Spectrum-M/C. Expansion map for Carlos Michelis. 

Aug 18th 2018

Max Pickles I

Spectrum-BASIC. Remake of The Castle I and II. 

Aug 31st 2018

Max Pickles II

Spectrum-BASIC. Remake of Mr. Pickles. 

Sep 14th 2018

Max Pickles III

Spectrum-BASIC. Remake of Carlos Michelis I and II (1989). 

Feb 25th 2019


Spectrum-M/C. Take control of Redshift to expel the enemy from key galaxies and universes.  

Remake of Galaxian III (1992). 

Apr 10th 2020


Spectrum-BASIC. Adventure. Help Qi Wen Wei, a Wudang Quan master, to save his best friend, before his execution. 

Remake of Kung Fu II (1991). 

17 February 2022


Spectrum-BASIC. Adventure. Help Robin Hood to beat the Sheriff of Nottingham and to rescue Marian, his love interest. 

Remake of Robin Hood (1991). 

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